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We believe that there is a lack or open honest debate of many political and social issues that the world face, that people of opposing views are unwilling to learn about their similarities allowing people to work together for the betterment of everyone, many people in politics focus on dividing us in order to ensure their supporter base and ensure they have minimal obstacles in their political ambitions when in reality they use these advantages in pursuing personal goal rather than achieve progress even for their own supporters. So please support us in pushing for an electorate that is willing and capable of holding all politicians, to only those they disagree with to account on what they stand for.

How Else to Support Us

  • Much of our growth comes from word of mouth and social sharing. By spreading the word about The Occasional, by liking, commenting and engaging in the community you help make us sustainable.
  • ou may be able to support us financially by sending ous donations, this will help to cover many of our expenses as well as allowing us to expand beyond what we are currently able to do and provide.