Is This Labour’s Last Stand?

Today Prime Minister Theresa May shock the political landscape today by performing a u-turn on holding a snap election. When Theresa May was given the premiership after winning the Conservative leadership race she told the BBC that there would be no snap election.

However, just 19 days after submitting Article 50 to the European Union Theresa May announced a snap election with the intention, subject to approval by Parliament, to hold a General Election on June 8th. However with a recent YouGov poll giving the Conservatives a 21 point lead over Labour , how dire does the situation look?

Perhaps the time has come for the Labour Party to collapse entirely? With the party split between the youthful Socialist supporting harder left members such as Jeremey Corbyn and older more moderate and right-wing members that supported the Tony Blair Era, perhaps an end to the Labour Party would allow a new opposition party to take its place, with the current perception both within and outside that only Labour can challenge the Conservatives this creates a false idea to voters that to oppose the Conservative Party means voting Labour, the greatest flaw in the First Past The Post system the UK uses in elections.

A power vacuum created by removing the Labour Party from ballot sheet may, therefore, allow a more unified coalition to emerge, more able and willing to cooperate with other parties then Labour has in the past. This isn’t the first time this has occurred either, a similar outcome became of the Liberal Party who eventually became the Liberal Democrats after merging with the Socialist Party.

Could this be Labours last stand? Could Labour actually increase their number of seats in June? Or could a Progressive Alliance with other left-wing parties be the only way to make Jeremy Corbyn the Prime Minister?


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