What is the Correct Response to Terrorism?

Terrorism around the world has come in many forms, most recently in London, but with mass shootings occuring in the United States, use of vehicles in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany as well as notable bombing in Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France, the reaction the public gives in response to such attacks is vital to understanding who’s winning the War on Terror.

Often these emotions are driven one way or another by the media and where they focus their words and imagery. Today (March 23rd) the newspapers in the UK released their stories in response to the attacks, with a clear political divide in what images they used. There were only 3 images used by the 10 major national newspapers. Without using the respective front pages we have gathered the images used below;

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These 3 images alone can be used to portray differing focuses on the story which can be used to create an emotive response from readers or be used as a part of the narrative the paper is trying to give. We will not express our own views on what each image is trying to give and if you would like to see what UK newspapers are using which images please view them on the BBC here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-39360877

However, it is the response from the public that shows what narrative that is most effective and so far today a number of police, ambulance and fire services across the country have shown their respect to those lost and held moments of silence.

A candle-lit vigil is planned to take place at Trafalgar Square Thursday evening, and most importantly perhaps people have returned to the city and showed resilience to the situation and the climate often created in these situations with many politicians and commentators calling for unity without pointing the blame for this attack on any individual or group beyond the known perpetrator.

What do you think is the correct way to handle terrorists situations? Has London responded correctly? What should happen now?


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