Incident Outside Palace of Westminster

Earlier today an incident involving an unknown assailant outside the House of Parliament occurred with a number of members of the public injured, although it is unclear of exact numbers and the seriousness of the injuries sustained.

A member of the Metropolitan Police Force is also believed to have been injured in the incident, using the currently available information we have gathered this initial report of the incident using information supplied by various news reporters in the area, we will update this report as new information becomes known. The accuracy of this report my very as a result.

Initial report: A man in a car approaching from Westminster Bridge on the northern side of the parliament building drove through at least 5 people, conditions unknown, before crashing the vehicle, after emerging from the vehicle and brandishing a knife he attacked a police officer while trying to access the building from the New Palace Yard on the western side, before he was shot and killed by armed officers, parliament which was sitting has been suspended but MPs have been told to remain within the chamber a large armed police presence in the immediate area and within the Palace of Westminster.

An air ambulance had arrived at the Parliament Square Garden and has left, but it is not known if the air ambulance was transporting any persons, Prime Minister Theresa May was ushered away from the incident by undercover armed officers, guns are apparently drawn, although it is unclear whether this was during or after the incident.

The London Eye tourist attraction on the opposite side of the Thames River from the Houses of Parliament has been placed in lockdown with guests being held at the attraction.

The Metropolitan Police in a statement said that so far 4 had died in the incident, including the perpetrator, a police officer and 2 civilians, and 29 are injured and being treated in hospital, of them 7 are in a critical condition, correcting an earlier statement where the police said 5 were killed.

No details for the perpetrator have been made by the Metropolitan Police, we, therefore, will not comment until an official statement has been made.


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