Martin McGuinness

Today saw the passing of Martin McGuinness, leader of Sinn Fein and former Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland before his resignation in early January. Martin McGuinness is an easily divisive figure in British-Irish politics with the former IRA second-in-command being linked with a number of bombings that took place during the Troubles, but was also instrumental, with work by fomer Democratic Unionist Party leader, Ian Paisley, in bringing about the peace process and the end to the Troubles.

Martin McGuinness, like many involved with the IRA is unlikely to see forgiveness by many in Northern Ireland and the wider United Kingdom for his actions. However, his significance, for lack of a better word in Norther Irish politics is undeniable with almost a decade of service in politics. It is, therefore, difficult to give an unbias approach towards Martin McGuinness’ life without portraying him as either a violent or political person with his life and name written across both. However, with one of his final tweet being one of condemning an attack in [London]Derry, perhaps this suggests where his priorities were in the end?

Here is a number of public figures that have paid their respects to Martin McGuinness in no particular order. We at The Occasional, do not condone his actions in war time but recognise his actions during peace, these tweets do not reflect the views of our writers.


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