It’s time for the talk

We’ve enjoyed just over 50 days with Donald Trump as President of the United States, and it’s been a roller coaster, for every moment like his first speech to Congrees which was considered one of his most presidential moments we’ve also enjoyed about 5 twitter storms to bring one simple question, can he really be presidential?  He himself said that being presidential was easy.

So that asks whether or not his speech to congress was an act, or whether his behaviour was the president many media outlets told us was coming? However, a few days later he openly accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his campaign, a completely baseless allegation which was originally published by Breitbart. So can he be presidential? The answer is probably yes, he can, he has shown us that he can. But does he want to be?

Are we watching the reality star who has the short temper he was effectively known for during the campaign periods, both for his nomination and for the presidency, are we simply seeing a continuation of that? Are we seeing a many who can change, or are we just seeing a man who can act? This is a man who needs to be treated like a child sometimes, a man too easily triggered and needs to be kept away from television simply to retain a level head. Is this the qualities of a president that America wants? Or is that simply a price to pay for having a man of action, a man who has attempted to outline every one of America’s problems and putting forward ways of dealing with it, a wall, a travel ban, a new healthcare bill and more open libel laws, just some of what he said he’d do as president, but should America be looking at a man who has not seemingly done much to unify a country so divided, be the one to help fix its problems?

Surely a true unifier is the one to help America, or would that be simply another one of the Washington mold. Which is better for America to be made Great Again? A off the handle, but seeming less restraint individual by political norm, or a business as usual type as Hillary Clinton offered? However, before you answer that remember… If it was so easy for him to be presidential, how difficult is it then for him to portray other personas?


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