Is education a proper preparation?

Standardised testing has been a major pillar of the education system in the US for some time now, yet it hasn’t been without its problems and its failures. Test scores are on the general increase, yet the educational relevance of the US has continued its downward slide as other nations improve their education systems.

The Common Core testing framework, which came to life out of George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program has been a sticking point for many a parent and child due to its approach, which has been seen as confusing and unrealistic. It has even been the subject of internet memes portraying how nonsensical some of the questions are. However, the test scores of America have been increasing on average year after year. Does it make sense that children are being asked these questions, despite the fact that it has increased test scores.?

Another factor is that Common Core is seen to detract from preparation for the real world, by teaching kids to pass tests rather than work jobs, pay bills and become self-sufficient in the real world. Is it fair that children are missing out on what should be fundamental learning?

Also a factor is that a lot of the Common Coe curriculum isn’t written by the government itself, but is left to the private sector by textbook and education conglomerates like Pearson Education, who have been known to charge vast sums of money to schools for their programs and significant funds to the parents of students for textbooks. However, many also see this as a fair version of capitalism, where the people pay for the privilege of education, while others see taxes as a perfect way to fund the public education system. Should education be reserved to those who an afford it with vouchers given to those who can’t, or should it be a government funded right? Again, this is up to you to decide.


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