Where is the ASD support?

Over the years, I have been getting limited support for my autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually funded by family, teachers and other workers. Over those same years, I have wondered when proper support will come to me. When I was eight, I wondered, when will support come to people my age, as they started to support those five and under. Then at thirteen, I wondered when it would be my turn again after they started supporting those ten and under.  The same thing happened just recently, now that I’m almost twenty-one they’re supporting those under eighteen.

The Australian government has dedicated many millions in funds to ASD, yet they all trickle up from young infants to those who are now teenagers, many being the same infants they helped all those years ago. It is too late for me, it seems. But when they support adults with ASD, will I no longer be an adult? Will I be too old for the support? When will it be my turn? This is one of the many things I fear, that I will never get support simply for being in the wrong generation.

With the current political climate, will those getting help now even get to keep it? I hope for all of us adults with ASD that we get the help we need sooner, rather than later.  After all, is it fair that I miss out just because the train of progress left too late for me as I sprinted up on my own accord? That’s up to you, the reader to decide.


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