From Russia with Suspicion

Russian connections to Trump and his cabinet has flared up again following Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday this time involving Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but what is the significance of Russia and it’s suggested involvement with the US government?

Surely cooperation between the two great enemies of the Cold War is positive? That’s depending on the dynamic of their relationship, if the two are working together, transparently and for the betterment of international security against terrorism, then Great! Except they’re not, which isn’t aided when many in President Donald’s cabinet, himself included simultaneously talked as if there is and isn’t anything going on between the two governments.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is merely the latest in an ever-growing list of people being accused with differing degrees of connections with the Russian government or allies with Vladamir Putin, but the problem isn’t necessarily what they saying, Michael Flynn telling the Russian Ambassador that they would remove some of the sanctions against Russia following Donald Trump’s inauguration, the main issue is that of transparency, people would be more willing to trust Trump and his government working with Russia if they were honest about what they were discussing, or at least admitted that there was communication in the first place.

It is, therefore, important to ask, if they’re not willing to admit that they were talking in the first place, you must wonder what it was they were talking about, and if the bugged call between Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador is anything to base other possible communications between the two government’s it leaves the question of transparency within the within the US government up for question and debate.


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